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Case study: How a small Canadian business got hundreds of hours back



For more than 25 years, ClearView Services has provided plumbing and HVAC maintenance for homes in the greater Calgary area. What began as a single-truck operation with two employees in 1996 has since grown to a fleet of 13 trucks and 15 full-time employees. With a simple credo of treating each and every customer with respect, ClearView staked its reputation on looking beyond immediate solutions to provide quality results that last for years. As the company’s business grew, it needed to streamline its operations to remain competitive.


ClearView didn’t want to follow a corporate blueprint for expansion—so each year of growth brought new challenges, including fuel management for its fleet. Using a business account with a regional chain of stations, drivers had to use one of 32 locations throughout the city of Calgary. So at a given moment, the nearest station could be a 20-minute drive away. Cataloging paper receipts created headaches for both drivers and Accounting, while standard card issuance and shipping times caused delays whenever a new employee joined the team.


ClearView replaced 6 existing vendor accounts with a single Fillip digital wallet system, solving multiple problems at once. Visa* near-field communication technology meant any driver with a smartphone could receive a digital prepaid, pre-authorized card for use at any gas station that accepts tap payments. Receipts were photographed and instantly saved and cataloged. New cards could be issued in minutes, meaning that new team members could pay for gas through the company as soon as their first day on the job.

“It feels like we’re really part of the 21st century now. It’s all on their smartphones—no lost receipts and chasing people down for follow-up.”




By moving their fleet’s fuel purchasing to Fillip, ClearView has created time-saving efficiencies in the office and in the field. Drivers use their smartphones to pay with tap at hundreds of stations in the greater Calgary area, saving on drive time to and from the pump as well as time spent swiping fuel cards and saving paper receipts. With built-in receipt cataloging, purchase histories, and in-app reporting, Accounting saves nearly an hour of busy work each week.


per year based on an estimated average
of 5.5 minutes saved on each fill-up.



per year based on an estimated average
of 55 minutes saved per week.


“Fillip made everything easier and faster. By the time I get out of my truck and get to the pump, I’m ready to tap my phone. Then, pump and done.”